Jeremy Jobson

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

My name is Jeremy M. Jobson, M.A., M.A., LMHC and I’ve had many different roles throughout my life. There is a thread through them all: People and Story have always played a crucial part. My focus on counseling draws from each of these experiences and training.  Here is a quick snapshot of my journey professionally:

–  a successful career in Sales, Management and Business for almost 10 years

–  in ministry over 12 years, both as a Church Planter/Campus Pastor for a medium sized congregation and at a large mega-church as Pastor in Care and Counseling, Care Center Family of Ministries, Discipleship, Community/Groups, Outreach and Church Planting, earning a Masters in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary along the way.

–  earned my Masters of Arts in Counseling degree in May 2017 from RTS, and completed the State of FL requirements to become a fully Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

– Private practice counselor and VP of Marketing, Development and Communication for a non-profit counseling office in Winter Park, FL

–  I have been married to my incredible wife Maggie for 15 years and have had the great privilege of being a father to our three incredible children: Zoe, Matt, and Ellery.

In that process, I have humbly developed a holistic understanding of human beings and yet remain curious about the mystery of each person’s story.  I believe deeply that we are physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational beings and that these elements can not be separated from one another. Rather they are deeply intertwined in the past, present, and future.  As a counselor, I am specially trained in trauma therapy using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reorientation) and as an Anger Specialist using CART (Certified Anger Resolution Therapy). I sit with men, women, couples, and families working on relationship dynamics, attachment issues, communication challenges, addictions, and personality disorders.

I am so thankful that in each phase of my professional life, I have found the thread of helping people discover, develop and maximize their skill sets and wirings for the benefit of themselves, others, and the organizational mission; it truly has been the most rewarding part of my career.  I find my role the most fulfilling when others are becoming more and more fruitful and impactful!

Originally from upstate NY near Syracuse, I was fortunate to have played football at Alfred University before moving to Tallahassee, where I received my undergraduate degree from Florida State University, with a double major in History and International Affairs.  After graduation, I lived in AZ, NV, and OR before returning to FL’s east coast and eventually to Tampa while in business.  In Tampa, I met my amazing wife, as we were both leaders on a recovery ministry launch team.

I love my family and seek to stay committed to learning how to be a better man to them every day.  I am passionate about our community and the impact it makes on one another and the world around us.  I love (almost) all music, film, and books, as well as being outdoors in the majesty of nature.  My own story involves my parent’s divorce, trauma, various addictions and recovery, failure, victory, marital/parenting wins and losses, and much therapy along the way, and all of it fuels who I am and what I do in life, in ministry, and as a counselor.

Thank you for reading more about me. I am so thankful you are seeking to learn, grow, evolve, and heal through counseling. If I seem like a fit for you and your needs/goals, please reach out, and I will consider it an honor to journey with you towards wholeness, healing, and health!

Jeremy Jobson

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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