March 10, 2021

It Is Also Written

Whether or not you hold to the Christian faith I believe that in the ancient scriptures there is much wisdom to be found. Whatever it is […]
February 18, 2021

In the Midst of Change, Anxiety or Serenity?

There are very few constants in life, one of them being CHANGE! Human beings love certainty and change challenges this.
January 8, 2021

Dear Fellow Sufferer

So many people with depression struggle to find words to paint a picture for how it feels. I humbly submit my interpretation of what it’s like to feel depressed.
January 8, 2021

Unexpected Lessons

Being outside, feeling the sunshine, getting into the dirt…so healing to me. As I let my mind ponder, I began to see how weeding is much like counseling.
January 8, 2021

Why Counseling?

Life. No one escapes without some kind of pain. Some seem to skirt by unscathed but this is only the appearance of things. You are not alone.
January 8, 2021

Self-Awareness as Path to Healing

Self awareness is the most important part of your path toward healing. We cannot heal something we are not aware of!


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