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Jeremy and Maggie had the good fortune of both working in a premier clinic experience while in their graduate programs. Jeremy then went on to help build a successful clinic for the surrounding community at the church he had been a pastor at for over a decade. Maggie joined a non-profit counseling institute focused on the development and training of registered interns which Jeremy joined a year later. Jeremy then joined that non-profit as Vice President to help it grow and establish itself as an expert in the community, which in less than 18 months he did, doubling the size of the practice, helping each counselor on the team clarify their niche, and fill their books of business.

All of these experiences, along with their combined over 30 years professional lives as a teacher, church planters, small business owners, non-profit leaders, in sales and sales management have given them the ability to continue helping others succeed in their callings and work. Both Jeremy and Maggie have always taken great joy in helping others achieve their dreams. Now they get to continue this role at Quandary with their Associates program.

Current Associates of Quandary

Kyle Sanchez
Registered Mental Health Intern
Kyle enjoys working with adolescents, young adults, men and women. Kyle’s area of focus are anxiety, depression, anger, sex/porn addiction, substance abuse, trauma, family of origin issues, abuse, spirituality, and grief. For more information about Kyle and Sanchez Counseling, LLC visit


Farrann Sanchez
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
(407) 917-6367 | [email protected]

Farrann enjoys working with adolescents, young adults, women, and couples. Her areas of focus include anxiety, depression, stress, women’s struggles, trauma, abuse, family-of-origin issues, communication challenges, spirituality, grief, and life transitions. For more info about Farrann and Sanchez Counseling, LLC visit

Ivan Kaufman
Registered Mental Health Intern
407-432-6969 | [email protected] 
Ivan believes trauma is the primary factor that stands in the way of living into wholeness and who we were created to be. He is a believer in the truth that each new day is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present. As such, his passion is to help his clients overcome trauma and experience the fullness of life in the here and now. He is open to working with any client, but possesses a heart specifically for those struggling in areas of sexuality, trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Contact Ivan here to begin your journey toward wholeness with him.

An Associate is an independent counselor who runs their own business out of the Quandary offices. Practically speaking, Quandary (their partner company, ZME Holdings, LLC) is the landlord for the Associate, providing a top notch facility to rent an office in, with all the needed accoutrements to run a successful practice (i.e. internet, basic supplies, security).

In addition, Quandary’s Associates benefit from the community of other counselors, including the options to refer to one another, network together, peer case collaboration, share resources/training and more, all voluntary.

Quandary’s Associates are invited to a once a month luncheon to get to know one another and participate in the above. Associates will be listed on the Associates page of Quandary’s website, with their own direct contact and website information, and have their own signage on property.

An Associate also has the opportunity to utilize Jeremy and Maggies resources and experience to help grow and strengthen their practices through per diem, flat rate, hour long business consultations that focus on best business practices, marketing, networking and more.

An Associate is NOT an employee or a 1099, they run their own practices, start to finish. They are therefore responsible for their own licensing, taxes, insurances, marketing, etc. An Associate is NOT guaranteed any business from Quandary or any other Associate. An Associate does not pay a percentage of their practice, which only de-incentivizes them from growing their practice by increasing their costs as they succeed. Rather, Associates pay a flat fee as a renter for the use of the space, making their costs fixed, incentivizing them to flourish in private practice.

Anyone who has the desire to establish and/or grow their own private practice business! Registered Mental Health Interns and/or Licensed Mental Health Care, Social Work and Marriage and Family therapists are welcome.

Quandary does NOT provide Supervision at this time, as such any Registered Interns will be required to find and pay for their own Supervision, and be required to follow all State guidelines for their practice (i.e. a licensed counselor must be in premise to practice, track hours/records, get supervision, etc).

Quandary Counseling & Consulting, LLC & Associates currently has three premiere mental health care offices available for rent to qualified, approved Associates. One of these offices is set up for a play therapist practice with an in room sink, cabinets and closet storage. The standard lease agreements are one year long with the right to renew and a three month notice to cancel. The standard lease agreement requires a security deposit and first month’s rent to be secured.

The rent charged is $250/day with a two day minimum for all of those days a month, but the space may be shared with another Associate using the other days of the week that month OR $1000 for all 7 days all month, and exclusive access to the space.
For example, for ALL of the Mondays and Tuesdays in a month, regardless of the frequency of them, the cost is $500/month and the office will be shared with another counselor on the other days of the week OR to have exclusive access to the office, all 7 days every week all month, the cost is only $1000/month.  This works out to approximately 20% of a 10-12 sessions a week practice but it is a fixed cost that doesn’t change as a counselor gets busier or makes more money, as is often the case with a percentage based structure.

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