1. a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

Many times in life we find ourselves in a quandary. We are perplexed. We may ask ourselves “what do I do about…depression, anxiety, my marriage, my children, my relationships, the abuse I have experienced, the behaviors I just can’t seem to stop.”  We feel lost. The path forward seems unclear. We are stuck. In those times we were made to not go it alone. We need help. It is a strength to admit this and not a weakness. Courage is needed to make a change, to ask for help. 

We delight in walking with you and providing a safe space to process where you find yourself. We know there is help to be found, for we have sought it ourselves and have come through many such quandaries and been ushered in to a deeper knowledge of God, life and ourselves. We do not promise answers nor quick fixes however we promise to sit with you to determine who you were, what happened, who you are now and who you would like to be. 

Let us walk with you. Let us sort through things with you. Our desire for you is freedom. Freedom to choose your next path, to close a chapter and turn the page. Freedom to become who you were made to be. Truly you. Fully accepted. Fully loved. Quandary exists for you. 

Jeremy Jobson

Licensed Mental
Health Counselor

My name is Jeremy M. Jobson, M.A., M.A., LMHC and I’ve had many different roles throughout my life. There is a thread through them all: People and Story have always played a crucial part. My focus on counseling draws from each of these experiences and training.

Maggie Jobson

Licensed Mental
Health Counselor

As a licensed mental health counselor, I believe that sometimes our present life gets the best of us. I am passionate about sitting and processing those “stuck” places with you while being curious about how, perhaps, your story may be impacting your present.



Quandary’s counselors offer a myriad of counseling services for various ages/stages of human development and symptomologies, for those suffering from mental illness, broken relationships, and the everyday hurts of being human.


Quandary’s consultants have benefited from over 40 combined years of experience in multiple settings that gives them the capacity to help people see, hear and function with greater clarity and purpose.


Quandary’s speakers have extensive experience bringing difficult topics down into practical, tangible and applicable realities for its attendees.


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